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September 2002:  The first day of my first visit to Vancouver, British Columbia.  The local newspaper declares the end of passenger service on BC Rail.  One month later and I've convinced five friends to fly north from San Francisco and take a ride aboard the Cariboo Prospector. 

Two of my friends are rail fans; the other three are better known for late night club visits.  The sun has yet to rise as the train prepares to leave North Vancouver.  The rail fans are present.  The late night club fans are not.

By late 2002, BC Rail  discontinued almost all of its passenger operations.  The streamlined cars of the Whistler Northwind and the luxury Starlight Dinner Train rest outside the station awaiting sale or scrapping. 

Two of BC Rail's RDCS, BC-11 and BC-30, appear from the dark rail yards. 

(Click here to tour a BC Rail RDC)

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