My neighbor is crazy.  Crazy in the psychiatric sense, not in the "fun to get drunk and take to parties" sense.

I call her Crazy Helga

Click for larger imageCrazy Helga is married to Nearly Dead Olaf, a veteran of World War II.  Until October of 2005, they lived together across the street.  Crazy Helga beat Olaf so badly the state intervened and placed Olaf in a nursing home.

Now, Crazy Helga spends her days puttering around the neighborhood, advertising her pro-life stance or attacking unwitting pedestrians.  You never quite know what she will do next.  You can watch to find out

How I met Crazy Helga
My original post from July 16, 2004

My neighbor is insane and not in the metaphorical sense.  She is what psychiatrists refer to just before they send men in white jackets to cart you away. 

An objective observer might say this old, German lady is just odd.  That she walks to church every morning cradling a plastic baby in her arms is no proof of mental defect.  That she stands in downpours wearing stiletto heels, a thin skirt and sweater, wiping the water from her face in flailing, angry motions, is also insufficient proof.  And perhaps, one might even disregard that she has, against her will, spent time in mental health facilities.

I call her Crazy Helga.

Crazy Helga's husband, Nearly Dead Olaf, spent his days sitting in a nonfunctioning Volkswagen, drinking beer and reading bad romance novels.  Someone took the Volkswagen away, so now he just sits in a plastic chair and mutters at Helga.  Nearly Dead Olaf is constructed entirely from small twigs and worn leather.  He is a walking corpse.

Crazy Helga knocks on my door and announces:  "I do not like gay people in my neighborhood!"

I reply:  "I'm not so fond of crazy people in my neighborhood.  Can I bring you a casserole?"

Click for larger imageSeveral days later, while sitting in the front room with a friend, we observe Crazy Helga heading my way.  As I watch, she begins digging up my flowers and carrying them back to her yard.  Then, for the first time since moving in, I realize that all the flowers in Crazy Helga's yard came from my yard!.

Crazy Helga and Nearly Dead Olaf disappear around the back of their home and I head across the street to settle this matter.  I poke my head around the edge of the house and say:  "Hello there!"

Crazy Helga:  "Who are you!?"

Me:  "I'm your new neighbor.  Remember, we met last week?"

Crazy Helga:  "I've never seen you before in my life.  The man who owns that house said I could take all his flowers."

Me:  "Well, I bought that house nine months ago.  And while I'm happy you like my flowers, I'd like to keep the rest."

Crazy Helga:  "You did not.  That woman with the horrible dogs owns that house."

Me:  "No, she was my tenant.  I bought the house last year."

Crazy Helga to Nearly Dead Olaf:  "Well, I suppose if he is new to the neighborhood, that gives him the right to poke around other people's yards."

Me:  "Actually, I just came by to talk about my flowers..."

Crazy Helga:  "Fine!  All you have over there is weeds anyway!  WEEDS!"

Me:  "Well, then I'd like to keep my weeds."

Crazy Helga becomes quieter and says:  "That is how my son died."

Me:  "Um...."

Crazy Helga:  "You know I am pro-life?"

Me:  "Yes, I've heard that from the neighbors."

Crazy Helga:  "They all think I am crazy."

Me:  "Yes, they do." 

Crazy Helga is quite popular.  Her fans keep asking for more. Some Helga fans are demanding real-time Helgalerts when she appears on camera and a live chat room for fans to exchange notes.  All these demands make you people just slightly less loony than ol' Helga herself.

As a special treat for you Helga Junkies, I uploaded three dubius Helga videos.  Enjoy.

Crazy Helga Video

Crazy Helga: Pro-Life, Pro-Lumber
Streaming | Large Screen

Crazy Helga and Nearly Dead Olaf
Streaming | Large Screen

The Ultimate Crazy Helga
Streaming | Large Screen

Crazy Helga's Regular Activities

Dressing in stilleto heels or thin slippers to pace in the rain while carrying a plastic baby and screaming "Pro-Life!"

Wearing sandwhich board signs lettered "Pro-Life" and chasing newcomers to the neighborhood.

Moving the trash from her backyard to the front and back again.

Attacking contractors, visitors and delivery people with glass bottles.

Crazy's Helga's Greatest Adventures

Attacked a man walking with his grandchild.  Menacing him with a brick, Helga accused him of kidnapping the child.

Chased a young, single mother down the street yelling:  "Whore!  Cover yourself!  You offend Jesus!  That child is a bastard!"

Dressed like a Jedi Knight, ventured on to her front lawn, and beat her husband with a broomstick.

Also dressed like a Jedi Knight, traversed the street attacking the trees like evildoers.

Accused her neighbor ( of killing her son and burying him my flower beds.  (This son lives in New Hampshire and visits regularly - a difficult feat for a dead person.)

Angrily chased the neighborhood children away from their basketball hoop by threatening them with a giant handbell.

Dressed in only a bathrobe to shovel snow when the temperature was below zero.

Danced on her front doorstep while holding a Virgin Mary Statue and waving a German flag.

Placed her television on the front stoop, tuned to an empty channel, and blasted the neighboorhood with static noise.

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