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Wilton Scenic Railroad
If I used a four-star rating system, Wilton Scenic would receive three and three quarter stars.  Call me when they offer margaritas and I'll add that last quarter star...(more)

Santa Fe Southern Railway

The Santa Fe Southern Railway yard occupies a dusty piece of land close to the oldest part of the city.  "Yard" might be a generous description of... (more)

Budd RDCs: A Virtual Tour
Built in the 1940s and 1950s, these stainless steel cars linger on in remote service.  Climb aboard for a virtual tour of the Budd Rail Diesel Car. (more)

Mount Washington Cog Railway

Mount Washington is the highest mountain in the Northeastern United States and is renowned for severe weather.  The cog railway rises from 2,700 feet at Marshfield Station to the 6,288 mountain summit. (more)
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Wilton Scenic Railroad
Riding RDCs in New Hampshire (August 2004)

Santa Fe Southern Railway
A journey across New Mexico (March 2004)

Budd RDCs - A Virtual Tour
Climb aboard a Budd RDC and take a look around (November 2003)

Mount Washington Cog Railway
A ride up New England's highest mountain (September 2003)

The Cariboo Prospector
The last run of the Prospector (October 2002)

The Malahat: Vancouver Island
Budd RDCs from Victoria to Courtenay (September 2002)

The Grand Canyon Railroad:
Williams to the Grand Canyon.  (September 2002)

The Sunset Dinner Train:
The Sierra Railroad in California's Central Valley (May 2002)

Big Trees & Pacific
Felton to Santa Cruz by rail (September 2001)

Colorado in a '59 Lincoln: 
Eye candy without much substance (September 2001)

Reno by Rail:
A trip on the California Zephyr (December 2000)

Around the Bay by Rail
How not to see the San Francisco Bay (November 2000)

A rail trip across the Sacramento River Delta (September 2000)

The Skunk Train:
Fort Bragg and the Redwoods by rail (July 2000)

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