Live Streaming Camera Problem Resolution
  • You need a Java enabled web browser to view the live internet camera.

  • The Javascript requires approximately 90 seconds to load.  You may have to wait longer if you are using dial-up. 

  • If you only see a grey box, the Javascript is still loading or the the maximum number of viewers are using the camera.  Wait 90 seconds and refresh or reload the page.

  • If you only see a black box, it is probably night in Maine.  The time at the top of the screen will be a clue to resolving this problem.  People in California send me notes constantly saying "It's four o'clock, and all I see is black!"  Four PM in California is seven PM in Maine, darlings.

  • If you receive an error message indicating the Javascript will not load, the camera may be offline.  This happens from time to time. Check back later.
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