Itís time for a road trip, a really, really big-ass road trip.  Itís a road trip covering 9,000 miles in 40 days.  Itís a road trip from coast to coast in a tiny car with a pair of Jackie-O sunglasses and a big blue wig.

On May 31st, Sister Betty packs up the Mini and points the front tires eastward.  From San Francisco to Maine, the journey will include a healthy dose of roadside kitsch, railroads, queer bars and cheap hotels. 

Join in:  visit for daily journey updates from May 31st to July 4th, join the Road Trip 2003 email list, consider riding along, and take part in the Change for Change Campaign.

A tiny car, a nun with a big wig, open road, cities galore and it all gets published on the internet.  Are you going to be part of this adventure? 

Thanks to the Bears of San Francisco for their support of the Change for Change Campaign!

This great big travel extravaganza will utilize an itty, bitty vehicle:  a Mini Cooper with just enough space for a suitcase, a laptop, a tiny camera, a GPS unit and two people.

A small car will allow exploration of places a big motor home could never go.  It is also easier to make daring escapes from heart-pounding chase scenes in a little car. 

(Okay, okay.  The truth: Motor home rentals are really expensive and those beasts require lots of gas.  As I pass the vacationing land yachts at fueling stations, I will toss back my head and laugh mightily.)

Want to ride along

In case you've yet to guess, Sister Betty is the pilot for this journey.  Navigation is provided by my trusty Garmin Etrex GPS unit carefully stapled to the dashboard.  From time to time, people will join in for a few miles.  If you'd like to fill the passenger seat for a leg of the journey, read more.
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Click here for the schedule and route.  Of course, I may add, delete or changes stops along the way.  It's hard to know where I'll end up in a tiny car, a wig and big sunglasses.

Time until Road Trip 2003 begins:

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Join Sister Betty for this cross country trip.  Whether you can ride along or not, there are three ways to participate:
  • Check for daily trip updates and photos between May 31st and July 5th

  • Join the email list for daily updates, photos and video delivered to your desk (we don't use the email list for spam)

  • Pledge!  Sister Betty wants to turn miles into cash for charity.  Join the Change for Change Campaign!

  • Ride along!  The Mini has a passenger seat and room for a small suitcase.  If you'd like to ride along, hurry up and sign up! You can ride along for a couple hundred miles.  The ride is free and so is the gas.  You have to pay for your own food, entertainment and lodging.  Bring your giant sunglasses and a big wig if you want one. Some basic guidelines:
  • No glitter.  It gets everywhere and I hate to find it in my suntan lotion.
  • Pack light.  It's a tiny car.  One pair of shoes should be enough.
  • Sorry, Fido has to stay at home and so do the rest of the pets.
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