The Road Trip 2003 Odometer Contest

Guess the Mini's odometer reading and win wondrous Road Trip 2003 T-shirt.  Join the Change for Change Campaign and you'll get an extra nifty prize if you guess correctly.  The winner will be the person who guesses closest to the actual mileage without going over.

The official pre-trip odometer reading on May 30th is 6,178 miles.

Scroll down for the entry form.  You must enter at least two days before the selected day to be eligible for the prize.  Like every contest, there must be some fine print, so click here to read it. 

 Day #
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Change for Change Donors
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Rapid City, South Dakota
Road Trip 2003
Road Trip 2003
 Travel Mug
Portland, Maine
Road Trip 2003
Road Trip 2003 Lunch Box
St. Louis, Missouri
Road Trip 2003 T-shirt
Road Trip 2003
Travel Mug
San Francisco 
Final Odometer Reading
Road Trip 2003
Road Trip 2003 Travel Mug 
or Lunch box

Contest Entry Form
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Odometer Reading Day #8 
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Odometer Reading Day #27 
Final Odometer Reading 

By clicking the "Enter the contest" button, I certify I have read and agree to all the terms of this contest.  I understand I will be thrown from a cliff into a shallow body of water which may result in my death should I become a legal pain in the ass (as defined in the fine print).

The Prizes
The Fine Print

This is a silly contest for fans of Sister Betty and Road Trip 2003.  I don't take this contest too seriously, so you shouldn't either.  The prizes are shown above, but I can substitute something else if something weird happens.  Only one person will win on each day (four winners total if you do the math).  If two people send in the correct guess, then the person who sent in the entry first will be selected as the winner.  Sister Betty (that's me) is the sole judge of the winners.  I will determine the time at which to make the odometer reading and I'm not responsible for the impact of dyslexia.  No whining, complaints, or other nonsense will be tolerated.  If you think you won but you don't, well, that is the way these things work from time to time and you should reread the first sentence of this paragraph. You must provide your name and email address so I can contact you if you win.  If you don't, well, duh, you can't win either.  If you win, you agree I may post your name on this page and other places on the any website I own.  If you win, I will send you an email and you must reply with your address to receive your prize.  By entering this contest, you agree not to cause Sister Betty (or anyone else for that matter) any legal or public trouble relating to this contest and that if you do, you agree I may throw you from a high cliff into an ocean or other suitable shallow body of water.  If you decide to be a legal pain in the ass [which means to take any legal action whatsoever], you agree to pay every penny of my legal costs regardless of whether I win or lose and agree you shall collect nothing.  In short, either enter to have fun or go sulk off in the corner with your high maintenance self.


Day 8 - Gary Young

Day 17 - Mark Huebner

Day 27 - Christopher Constant

Day 37 - Amie Althea

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