Is is time for another big-ass road trip.  It is time for a coast to coast drive filled with backroads, odd sites, little towns, big cities and at least one dozen pair of high heeled shoes.  It is time to fill up the tank, point the hood ornament eastward and leavea wake of screaching tires. 

Road Trip 2003 covered 8,998 miles.  Road Trip 2004 will cover half this distance.  The destination this year is Portland, Maine.  This time, however, I won't be turning around.  When I reach Portland, I'll be pulling up to a new home.

Road Trip 2004 is a one way trip from San Francisco to Portland.  The route runs south to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before turning north across the flyover states, across Michigan and through Canada. 

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Road Trip 2004 started June 18th.  Click here to follow along.

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Road Trip 2004 : Route
San Francisco, California to Portland Maine
Estimated Mileage: 4,027
High Heel Shoes: 0

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