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20 March 2003 - (Link to this entry) (Comment)

Protests in downtown San Francisco made the city impassible today.  Getting to my office proved difficult and included my being struck by a network news cameraman more concerned with a bit of video than the safety of others. 
Click for larger image
View my video of the San Francisco anti-war protests by clicking here.

22 March 2003 - (Link to this entry) (Comment)

Halfway across a busy intersection, my mind preoccupied with where I will eat breakfast, I suddenly realize the person walking toward me is one of my favorite authors, Erika Lopez.  When I stop gasping I begin foaming with excitement, forcing her to return to the sidewalk and endure several minutes of my adoration.  Movie stars may be interesting, and even sexually attractive, but the ability to write outstanding prose puts authors several places above actors in my estimation.  Authors, generally being paid less than movie stars, are also more accessible to the public as they tend to eat in the same low brow restaurants we do.
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If you aren’t familiar with Erika Lopez, then you should click here and purchase at least one of her books.  Flaming Iguanas is a good place to start.   One reviewer described Erika’s books as “another eclectic novel that belong s somewhere between the coffee table and the bathroom”.

Shifting topics, will shortly undergo a major renovation:  a new logo, a new layout, and – hopefully – new weekly streaming video including Sister Betty’s Children’s Hour (In 120 Seconds).  All of this should be in place by the end of April. 


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