This is the story of a nun, an Eye-Guy, a right hand drive car, and a country where people carry bats spiked with nails to beat each other.

Bats spiked with nails?  Indeed!  I'll tell you more about that shortly.  Before the story, a dedication:

Road Trip 2005: Australia is dedicated to Bill and Andy.

Readers might recognize Andy from Andy Does Annapolis, Andy Does Annapolis II, Andy Does Annapolis III, and Return to Annapolis - Andy's Seamen.  Especially avid Sister Betty fans may remember these two from Dancing for Christians.

Bill and Andy are best known as the creators of and

More importantly, Andy and Bill are two of the most generous folks I know.  These men would give you their imported German garage door opener if they thought it would raise money for charity. 

Every Christmas, Bill and Andy produce a holiday DVD for their friends.  Each edition is raunchier than the next.  I took Bill and Andy's DVD along to Australia and you'll find it featured in photographs throughout the journey.  Pay close attention - there will be a test later.

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Bill & Andy's Wedding

Billy & Andy's Holiday DVD
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