Every year, Sister Betty hops in a vehicle and drives across the planet.  Ride along with Sister Betty's roadtrips:

Road Trip 2005:  Australia

Australia is not just a country - it is a continent.  From dingos to drunkards, Sister Betty explores the flyover states of Australia.  

Road Trip 2004:  Coast to Coast

Is is time for another big-ass road trip.  It is time for a coast to coast drive filled with backroads, odd sites, little towns, big cities and at least one dozen pair of high heeled shoes.  It is time to fill up the tank, point the hood ornament eastward and leave a wake of screaching tires.
Road Trip 2003:  Coast to Coast and Back Again

Itís time for a road trip, a really, really big-ass road trip.  Itís a road trip covering 9,000 miles in 40 days.  Itís a road trip from coast to coast in a tiny car with a pair of Jackie-O sunglasses.

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Road Trip 2004
The One-Way Trip

Road Trip 2003
A journey from coast to coast

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