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The Great American Road Trip 2008 Special Report

Zoom, Zoom!

From Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Burqa Boy and I have been so busy I haven't had time to post the regular update. Don't fret - a new road trip update is in the works and will appear shortly.

We are taking a break for this special report:

On Sunday Burqa Boy and I were driving through Orange County - that lovely enclave in Southern California known for its conservative politics and severe shortage of sidewalks. Posted on all four corners of a major intersection were pro-hate folks with signs reading "Yes On 8 = Free Speech" and "Yes On 8 = Religious Freedom."

Not only were the signs inaccurate (Prop 8 has nothing to do with free speech or a citizen's right to believe any wacky religion they choose), but they were awful examples of graphic art. Something had to be done. The video on this page shows our response.

Tuesday, November 4th, is election day. Vote for Barak Obama. Vote No on 8. And send both campaigns some cash before then.


Sister Betty Does, LNM

More from the road shortly...


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(Trouble with the video? Click here to see it on YouTube.)

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