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Road Trip 2008 Overview
In a remote, entirely unpopulated corner of Nevada, Sister Betty is referred to as "Our Lady of Perpetual Road Trips" - an homage to her continual desire to explore the world with a steering wheel. Betty dismisses such praise with an affectionate backhand, but she has expired the warranties of numerous cars exploring two, unconnected continents.

On September 2, 2008, Sister Betty will set out with her loyal sidekick, Burqa Boy, on a new, uncharted road trip spanning more than 10,000 miles, nearly 48 states and untold days and nights.

Welcome to Sister Betty's Great American Road Trip 2008

Road Trip 2008 Contests
Win a bunch of nifty prizes: An iPod Nano, a $50 Visa Gift Card or $100 cash. Click here for details!

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The Road Trip 2008 Plan
Sister Betty and Burqa Boy are travel until the money runs out. On a budget of $150 a day, where they should they go and what should they see? Make a suggestion and you might win a nifty prize!

Our intrepid duo are planning Road Trip 2008 as they go. Where will they head next? Sign up for the email list for daily updates and visit for videos, photos and notes from the road!

Road Trip 2008 Crew
Sister Betty and Burqa Boy. Click either name for further details about the Road Trip 2008 Crew.

2008 Smart ForTwo
A 2008 Smart ForTwo, the smallest production car available in the United States.

  The Road Trip 2008 Commercial
Estimated length of Road Trip 2008: 10,000 miles
Length of a Smart ForTwo: 8.84 feet
Number of Smart cars that could be placed end to end to make up Road Trip 2008: 5,972,850
Sister Betty's Height: 6.58 feet
Number of Sister Bettys that could be placed end to end to make up Road Trip 2008: 8,024,316
Number of square yards of fabric in Burqa Boy's Burqa: 1
Number of burqas required to cover the surface of Lake Michigan: 112,213,657,600
Cost of materials required to make the burqas to cover Lake Michigan, if purchased at Mood Fabrics in Manhattan: $5,891,217,024,000
Approximate number of gallons of gasoline required for Road Trip 2008 using a Smart ForTwo: 250
Approximate number of gallons required if Sister Betty drove a military-style Hummer instead: 1,250
Road Trip 2008 Daily Budget: $150
Number of days the President of the United States could travel on this budget at his current salary: 2,666
Entertainment value of joining the Road Trip 2008 Email List Unimaginable


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