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This gauge shows what we've spent on Road Trip 2008.

Back in gas crunch 1978, my parents drove a Honda CVCC filled with five kids from Arizona to Michigan. We dined on roadkill, slept under used canvas tarps, and brushed our teeth with radiator water. The trip cost $4.95 including a stop at Stuckey's.

A nun can spend a lot of money in a hotel without even once dialing for a hooker. In 2003, 2004, and 2005, I carried boxes of currency which I tossed in fistfuls at pedestrians across the United States and Australia. Carrying equivalent inflation-adjusted amounts of cash is burdensome, so I've decided to limit this year's road trip budget to $150 per day. No roadkill; no room service either. Oy! The suffering!

You can help Burqa Boy and Sister Betty stay on budget. Know of some nice, budget lodging that doesn't require RID? Have ideas for inexpensive site seeing? Let us know. Your suggestion might even win a prize!

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