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It's Highway Love - The Smart ForTwo Overview
Years ago on a trip to Paris, Sister Betty spied a tiny car parked in a motorcycle space. Alas, her love was a foreigner and the United States doesn't recognize international same-sex marriage nor foreign highway safety standards.

Time changes everything. Same sex couples won the right to marry and Smart came to America. Now Sister Betty has her own ForTwo and she's taking it on a 10,000 mile adventure!

It's three cylinder highway love.

Common Smart Car Questions
In a world filled with generic SUVs, lots of folks ask questions about the Smart ForTwo. Here are the questions Betty hears most:

Is the Smart ForTwo comfortable?
  Yes. Very much so. It's like riding in a cloud. A small cloud that doesn't block the sun. Which is good if you like to tan.

Sister Betty is 6'7" and fits perfectly in the Smart. There is more headroom and legroom than the Mini Cooper, Toyota Prius, Ford Crown Victoria. That's enough space for the extra tall wimple.
Is it electric?
  Nope. (This question is most often asked while Sister Betty is pumping gas.)
How far does a Smart car go on a gallon of gas?
  Smart rates the ForTwo for 36 to 40 miles to the gallon. Sister Betty has reached nearly 50 miles per gallon at normal highway speeds.
How fast does it go?
  As fast as everyone else on the freeway. Sometimes faster. Zooooom!
Is a Smart ForTwo safe?
  Folks assume a small car is an unsafe car. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true. The Smart ForTwo is engineered by Mercedes to survive even severe accidents.
Do you feel safe?
  As safe as riding in the Pope Mobile - which is larger, uses more gas, and has all it's gauges notated in Latin.
How does it handle on the highway?
  The Smart is small and lightweight, but it handles just as well at highway speed as it does in the city. Because of it's narrow footprint, the Smart can't ride in the grooves on heavily used roads. On older pavement, Sister Betty sometimes has to drive with one side "in the groove" and the other "on the hump."
Is the transmission weird?
  The Smart ForTwo uses an electric motor to change gears. If you're used to driving an automatic, the shifting works the same but feels a little different. You get used to it in about a day. Wearing heels makes it harder - Betty recommends flats.

  The Smart Car ForTwo Video
Smart Car ForTwo statistics
Length: 8.84 Feet
Width: 5.11 Feet
Height: 5.05 Feet
Number of Seats: 2
Miles Per Gallon: ~40
Number of bottles of Windex required weekly to remove fingerprints of curious passer-bys: .5

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