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Road Trip 2008 Overview
I'm going to pause Road Trip 2008 for a moment to say farewell to an old friend.

Three years ago, my friend Walt and I rescued an elderly dog. The dog had been confined to a four foot by eight foot concrete cubicle for four years where he was fed intermittently, rarely bathed and never exercised. We named him "Oz" as the conditions reminded us of the television prison.

A vet told us Oz was too old and too ill to last long - he predicted Oz would last less than six months. More than three years passed and Ozzie kept going - becoming a trusted friend and loved companion.

Ozzie died tonight after dinner.

Farewell, Mister Ozzie.

Road Trip 2008 continues as we head westward tomorrow. Tonight we're having cocktails and toasting an old dog I loved.

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Photos from the Great American Road Trip 2008
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