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Name The Vulcan Steps
Location Above the Castro between Ord  and Levant Streets, near 17th Street.
Length More than one block
Stairs nearby Saturn Street Stairs
Levant Street Stairway
Ord Court Stairway
Clifford Terrace Stairway

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The Vulcan Steps rate among the best of San Francisco's stairways.  Nearly two blocks long, the steps are carefully tended by the people who live along them.  The gardens are magnificent and in places resemble a jungle. 

Following in the tradition of quirky architecture, the houses on Vulcan Steps are unique and reflect the eclectic tastes of people who live on the steps.
Nearly all of the houses are accessible only by foot.  Food, supplies and furniture must all be carried in by hand. 

Constructed primarily of concrete, the steps separate into two divergent paths part way up the incline.  A small wood and plank trail reconnects the paths closer to the top of the steps.

The Vulcan Steps are a perfect way to go over the hill between the Castro and the Haight or Ashbury Park.  On the way back, detour slightly and go down the Saturn Street Stairs.

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