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Name Diamond & 17th Street Corridor
Location Near the corner of Diamond and 17th Streets
Length One block
Stairs nearby Ord Court Stairway
Market & Danvers Stairway
Market & Storrie Stairway

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The Diamond & 17th Corridor is an odd little place.  Tucked between two buildings on the north side of 17th Street, it appears to be a public corridor leading from 17th to States Street.  The corridor consists of several short staircases and long stretches of sidewalk lined with at least four separate buildings.

The corridor travels about 60 feet before dividing to the left and right.  Turning right leads you to several private balconies just below States Street.  Turning left takes you around the side of a building and up a staircase to another wooden platform where access is blocked by a privately owned gate.

It is unclear whether or not this corridor was once a public thoroughfare now blocked by private property or if it serves only as access to the buildings in the rear of those on 17th.  In either case, it's a curious place to visit.

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